Starchild is a Witchy Los Angles

Indie pop singer. He sings of magic, sunlight, rebellion, revolution, peace and love. He is on a mission to shift the world out of its obsession with materialism, and guide our souls back to our divine Gnosticism. He is a California Boy on a mission to bring back the spiritual light to a generation born and lost to the darkness.

Come to the Sun 

Come to the Sun is a bopping debut track with a hypnotic beat, urging you to let go of your past into the sun. It's a song about the coming positive energies of spring and summer. Hope you enjoy and share with your friends and family! Welcome to my journey of music and love. Join my mailing list to stay updated on upcoming events and upcoming singles, and my E.P "The Realm of the Sun" :D Peace and Love to you all!


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StarChild is a California American born and raised Actor, Writer, Performer, Poet, and Singer. Born, Marcus Apollo Alvarado, to a middle-class Mexican American family, in Norwalk, California. Growing up he always had dreams of stardom. As a kid of the early 2000's he was heavily influenced by his love of Brittany Spears, Hillary Duff, Pink, and Xtina. But it wasn't until his teen years where he began to develop a love of alternative and rock and roll music.

He quickly fueled his angsty teen heart with bands like Greenday, My Chemical Romance, The Killers, The All American Rejects, The Beetles and The Doors. And When his Queen Lana Del Rey entered the scene, he was quickly swept up in the alt pop realm of music of F.U.N, Lorde, and Borns. These artists are what influenced Marcus to create Starchild, The Sunking of Pop music. Created as a comic book symbol of  the New Age, with the intention to use art, image, and sound to change the culture of madness we dwelll in.

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